When to Text a Girl for the First Time

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text a girlMagnetic Messaging PDF Tips – When to Text a Girl for the First Time

When to text a girl for the first time is a troubling question for all men, especially when they have the phone number of their dream girl. They never want to take a risk by sending the wrong message as it may decrease the chances of having that girl. Most of the guys are reluctant to get help from the experts as they think it is not a big deal and can be managed easily. You can easily seduce a woman and take her to date by sending her powerful text that can ignite her emotions to you without losing attraction to any other guy.

The dating experts Bobby Rio and Rob Jude has designed a program, named “magnetic messaging pdf” to help the guy seduce any girl by sending her just 3 text messages. The magnetic messaging pdf works in a fast and efficient way by using the key lock sequences to spar a positive emotion in her mind and anchoring them to you. It contains all the messages and the answers for the questions when to text a girl for the first time, how to re-ignite her feelings, what to text her the day before the date and much more.


Keep a note of the following to make it easy for seducing women

  • Make proper use of Radar texts.
  • Understand the chemistry and attraction, and apply it at the right place.
  • Ignite her emotions using texts, which in turn increase her attention towards you.
  • Turn her emotions into meet ups.
  • Create a mental monopoly so that she cannot resist herself from meet-ups.
  • Send her messages to show that you are different and exciting which will make her think that, it will be fun to be with you and will be longing to be with you.
  • Plant the idea of sleeping with you.
  • Make her feel that you are the cool and best guy to hang out with the attractive communication.

Magnetic Messaging PDF download

Use your mobile phone to get connected, engage and draw her attention to you with three simple text messages without spending time thinking when to text a girl for the first time. Just sit back and relax, let the magnetic messaging pdf do the work for you. These texts will shatter all messages send by other guys and will make you stand out of the crowd. This step by step program is fully packed with instructions, such as when to text a girl for the first time, how to respond to her messages and so on. The word by word examples of exactly what to send will make your work easy and hazard free. The free bonuses include the infatuation formula, which includes all the advanced lessons you need to learn. You will also be enrolled to a free 30 day magnetic master mind kit and the 99 best texts of all time. The glad news is that all these stuff are available at an affordable cost and comes with a money back guarantee which makes sure that you will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the working of the system.

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