Magnetic Messaging Review

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A Comprehensive Magnetic Messaging Review

The Magnetic Messaging ReviewTexting is the number one way of communicating in today’s fast paced, high technical world. It’s fast, simple and easy. Punch in the number, type a few words, even use a few anagrams instead of full words, and send. But what about when you need to send that first text message to the girl you’ve just met? Do you sit there and wonder for hours on end how to start the conversation in a witty, funny way that engages her attention? That’s where the Magnetic Messaging concept comes in. Designed by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, the program is designed to help guys create a sparkling conversation with a woman and score a date within three easy text messages.

So what are the pros of the Magnetic Messaging system?

Well first of all, the program is easy to understand. It’s been designed in a clever, professional manner which helps the reader find faith in the concept. The creators of the program, Rio and Judge, even allow a 60 day money back guarantee if you are finding it too difficult and not effective enough. If you feel you are not getting the results you deserve, you can return your copy and get your money back. Another pro is that the program explains in great detail the common mistakes made by guys when they are texting girls in the past. This is a very important part of the program and allows you to learn effectively and hopefully not make the same mistakes as the guys before you. Another pro is that the three text message system drastically cuts down your work load, there is no small talk you have to go through to get to that final stage of asking her out for a date. With the method of three text messages, you will stay right on track throughout the program.

And what about the cons?

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One con we could find was the fact the guide is 185 pages long. The length could be overwhelming for some guys. Another con is that the program is sold as a “fail safe” method for getting a date, yet women are complex creatures and there’s no failsafe method for even getting their number in the first place. Reading the book will definitely help you learn what women want and how to text them, yet it won’t necessarily work on every woman you meet. You first of all need to impress them in person to get their number. Nonetheless, the method will increase your chances and keep a woman’s interest in you.


The Magnetic Messaging program will drastically improve your chances with that girl you’ve just met in the bar. It will help you spark an emotion within her, make a connection and a bond and finally get the date. But the book is long and will require your time and attention. But it’s worth it, and if you don’t enjoy it, there’s always the 60 day money back guarantee.

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