Magnetic Messaging Key Lock Sequence PDF

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The MM Key Lock Sequence PDF

magnetic messaging key lock sequenceThe magnetic messaging key lock sequence refers to the three step text messaging system you can put in place to secure a date with that gorgeous girl you’ve been waiting your whole life for. The chain of text messages are referred to as the “key, turn and push” sequence. The programme developer likens the sequence to opening a door: putting the key in the lock, turning the key and pushing open the door. The key lock sequence works by utilizing three steps which are vital. The first step, known as “key”, is to spark an emotion. The second step, known as “turn”, is to make a connection. And the third and final step, known as “push”, is to handle the logistics. Following these steps has men all over the world checking their diaries for their availability for dates with women they like. Below I will take you through the three steps.

Step 1. Spark an emotion.

The first text in the Magnetic Messaging Key Lock Sequence is designed to spark an emotion. It’s the first text she’s going to receive from you so time to make it stand out from all those other texts she’ll receive. Your text needs to grab her attention and make her want to respond instantly. Make the text believable and personable, allows the woman to see you have feelings and want to connect further. You want to show the woman you are different from any other man. It requires creativity and thinking outside the box. If you are not creatively minded, the programme offers support and examples to get you thinking of your own. Which leads us onto step two?

Step 2. Make a connection.

The second text message in the sequence is supposed to seal the deal. This is the message where you form a bond, a close connection to the woman in question. To create the connection, talk about something that is significant to her. This second step is pivotal to the process as it allows the final step to be set up perfectly. The second text message is to show the girl you “get” her and aren’t like everyone else. Again there are examples which can help form the bond between you two.

Step 3. Handle the logistics.

The third text message is the really exciting one. It’s time to secure the date. It’s time to suggest an encounter together.

So there are the three easy steps to the Magnetic Messaging Key Lock Sequence that you can follow.

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  2. I think this is a really good read………..teachs you how to stand out be different n I think is an awesome book

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