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The Bonuses of Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging, designed and created by Bobby Rio, comes in an instantly downloadable PDF book. Magnetic Messaging is a concept for men that shows you easily how to text a girl in order to get a date with her. It fixes common mistakes made by men, such as being too needy or clingy, texting her too often and boring her with unnecessary text messages.

Magnetic Messaging is a multimedia program which includes several eBooks. The eBooks include the Magnetic Messaging handbook, as well as a very handy list of 99 killer text messages and a “Get the Girl” report. These bonus eBooks are designed to help you keep on track with the girl you’re texting.

The 99 Best Texts of All Time

The “99 Best Texts of All Time” is one of the bonus features you get with the Magnetic Messaging download. The guide gives you lots of examples of text messages for many different scenarios for you to use yourself. It’s perfect if you’re not creatively minded but want to impress the girl you’re texting. The text message examples are creative, out of the box and will definitely grab the attention of the girl you’re hoping to date. The guide is split into seven different sections: response bait, the day after, making plans, golden responses, getting sexual, situational, and finally random humour. Each section is vital to read so you don’t get left behind from all the brilliant texts other guys are sending.

Get The Girl Report

The “Get the Girl” report is another one of the bonus features you get with the Magnetic Messaging download. While Magnetic Messaging tells you how to date a girl you’ve just met, Get the Girl tells you how to get out of the “friend zone” with a girl you already know. It’s handy bonus material to the Magnetic Messaging program. Author Bobby Rio magnetic messaging downloadexplains that to attract a girl you’ve known for a while you basically need to “reprogram” her opinion of you. Rio explains that this is not a “get-your-ex-back” guide. The guide works on girls that you may have met in college or school, it works on girls who are in your workplace, it works on girls who you may have been friends with long ago and still keep in touch with. It works by working on the concept of six stages of attraction. To help you with these six stages, the guide is split into colour coded sections: black, blue, orange, green, red and white. Each section has three special areas of information.

With the Magnetic Messaging download, you’re not only receiving the Magnetic Messaging program and guide, you’re also receiving bonus material that will help you impress and attract that girl you like. The Magnetic Messaging download also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with any of the program or bonus material, or you believe it just hasn’t worked for you.

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  1. Well I just don´t know what to say. I can tell that I´ve benn wanting to text womenbut I ddn´tknow how to do It and that´s why I am here getting the system.

    • Hi,
      my name is Rodrigo and I have been failing with texting women and that is why I want to get the “Magnetic messaging”.

      • Hi Rodrigo, to get the Magnetic Messaging PDF simple click on Download button. If you want downlaod some samples from the writer Bobby Rio click here for free PDF’s

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