Flirty Text Messages To Send To A Girl

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Flirting Through Texting

Flirting with Girls Over TextShort, sweet text messages are society’s number one way to keep in touch with your date between meetings. Flirting via text messages needs to be playful and charming, it’s a great way to keep the spark alive between face to face communications. Here we’ve devised a list of 10 flirty text commandments to help you when trying to text flirt with that cutie from the bar.

1. Don’t be afraid to send the first text message. It shows courage and initiative.

2. Have a flirty greeting. Something like “hey cutie ;)” with a wink smiley shows that you want to flirt and is playful.

3. Don’t come on too strongly. Being subtle is key when flirting through texts. Nobody wants to receive a text which is overboard and shows your trying too hard. Like flirting in real life, text flirting needs to be relaxed and you need to make it fun.

4. Tease her light-hardheartedly. Call her a cute nickname. Again, make it fun. This shows you’re a fun guy and don’t take yourself too seriously. It also shows how you are invested in her.

5. Show the girl you care about her. Ask her something that only she will understand. Ask her how she is. If she’s had an important day or important appointment recently, ask her how it went. This will distinguish you from other guys who might be trying to text her.

6. Be a little bit naughty. But be wary with this one, don’t come on too strongly again. Mention something flirty like you’ve just got out of the shower.

7. Don’t be too eager. Know when to back off from the flirting if she’s not responding. Don’t send more than one text in a row because you’re eagerly awaiting her response. If she thinks you are trying too hard, it will put her off.

8. Compliment her. This should be an obvious point but it’s remarkable how many guys forget it. Tell her you loved her outfit from the last time you met, it will make her feel special that you remembered it. Spice it up when you compliment her, don’t just tell her how you loved her outfit, tell her why you loved it. For example: That dress you wore last time was amazing, made your legs look stunning.

9. Use smileys. Another obvious one, but a wink smiley can show how you’re into the flirting and hint at naughtiness.

10. ¬†Use your texts as a way to ask her out. While text flirting is fun and playful, ultimately it should lead to another date. Keep it light, if you’re in the middle of flirting ask her casually if she’d like to continue over some drinks and dinner.

Flirting through text messaging

Flirting through text messaging is the perfect way to keep the spark alive between you and your special girl. It can lead to fun and playful meetings and more fun along the way. Our 10 flirty text commandments can help you ignite a passion between you and your girl. If you want to know more about Flirty text messages, then you should also look here.

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