First Text Message To A Girl

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The Very First Text Message To A Girl

first text message to a girlSo you’ve met the perfect girl, you’ve spent all night chatting to her and now she’s given you her number. But now you’re stuck with the eternal problem men have: when and more importantly, what to text her? That first text message is supposed to spark her emotions, to make her think you’re not like other men and importantly, make her want to respond. So how can you do just that?

When beginning your text message to a girl, you need to greet her respectfully: for example, “hey sexy” is not respectful. It’s cheeky and shows the girl you’re only really interested in one thing. To greet her respectfully, think of something witty and engaging, but not too cheeky. “Hey how you doing?” is okay but boring. An example of a respectful greeting could be “Hey, whatcha up to?”. This phrase is playful and engaging, you will ignite a conversation instantly.

The very “first text message to a girl” you like needs to be funny and personal. It could reference something you both witnessed while you were meeting, for example “just thinking about that person we saw together.” Starting the conversation with something you both remember and enjoyed will create a bond between you two. Creating a bond instantly and with something you both remember will help you find a place in her emotions and in her thoughts.

Don’t be desperate if she takes longer than an hour to respond to your message. She has her own life to lead, she may be busy, she may be at work, she may have a million excuses why she didn’t pick up her phone at the very first beep. One thing she will not appreciate is being berated for not responding within a millisecond. One of the most common mistakes is to text a girl asking “did you get my text?” This makes you look needy and will scare the girl off.

Be Brief In The First Text

Be brief in the first text. Nobody likes a long novella in the first text message explaining what you are doing, where you are and how you are feeling. Give her something to ask you about in the upcoming text messages. The first message should be a brief greeting and question for her to answer, like the example above of “hey, whatcha up to?” it’s short, snappy and to the point. But add something more to stand out from the crowd, for example a witty thought at the end of text message to provoke her response.

Don’t forget the first text message needs to spark an emotion. It needs to be engaging enough for her to want to respond straight away. She needs to know from the very first text message that you aren’t like other men and only interested in one thing. That first text message is her first impressions of you after you’re initial meeting and you’re chance to impress all over again.

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